Ana María Rodríguez

Science, nature, history, and outstanding people

Selected Works

Science, Nature, Intermediate school readers
They live in the most extreme places on earth. How do they survive?
Memoirs and Biographies
An inspirational memoir of the highest ranking woman in the martial art of Kuk Sool Won. (teens and up)
Science, Intermediate school readers
Pinguins puke (their chicks love it!), chameleons have a super tongue, alligators have good "feelings," a master of disguise, and how to catch a rainbow! Five fascinating animal secrets and how scientists uncovered them.
What is the secret of the sleepless whales?Join the scientists and their animal partners in a amazing adventure that will reveal the secrets of these amazing aquatic mammals! Find out... (middle-school and up)
It doesn't look cool and it doesn't feel pleasant, but it rules everything you do. The brain is the most intriguing and still mysterious organ in the body. Follow fellow classmate Mark through a regular day and see how his brain makes it possible for him to learn, feel pain, get stressed, and have fun. (middle school and up)
The fascinating life of the 19th Century British doctor who discovered the first safe vaccine against smallpox, the most deadly disease of his time.

The Iron butterfly blog

A Korean Mermaid

September 11, 2011

Tags: Korean women, Iron Butterfly, Choon Ok Harmon, Japan, Ana Maria Rodriguez

"The True Story of a Mermaid's Daughter."
"They arrived on the mainland dripping wet,seasick,and scared.
They had lost everything they had brought back home to start a new life.They landed in Korea with nothing.They had no money, no clothes, no utensils, no furniture, nothing. Going back home turned out to be much harder than they had anticipated. They traveled back to Koje Do and lived with Mom ’s family for a while.Once again, Mom used her diving expertise to bring money home.There were many other haenyo like Mom trying to make a living from harvesting what the sea provided, but this was not a problem.Sea food was abundant in Koje Do; there was plenty for all the people in the village....Things went well for a while until Dad took a wrong turn with his life. He went back to his old habits.He became demanding and impatient... The situation slowly grew out of hand. Mom felt trapped."
This is a short excerpt of "The Iron Butterfly." Read more on the links on the right.