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Science, Nature, Intermediate school readers
They live in the most extreme places on earth. How do they survive?
Memoirs and Biographies
An inspirational memoir of the highest ranking woman in the martial art of Kuk Sool Won. (teens and up)
Science, Intermediate school readers
Pinguins puke (their chicks love it!), chameleons have a super tongue, alligators have good "feelings," a master of disguise, and how to catch a rainbow! Five fascinating animal secrets and how scientists uncovered them.
What is the secret of the sleepless whales?Join the scientists and their animal partners in a amazing adventure that will reveal the secrets of these amazing aquatic mammals! Find out... (middle-school and up)
It doesn't look cool and it doesn't feel pleasant, but it rules everything you do. The brain is the most intriguing and still mysterious organ in the body. Follow fellow classmate Mark through a regular day and see how his brain makes it possible for him to learn, feel pain, get stressed, and have fun. (middle school and up)
The fascinating life of the 19th Century British doctor who discovered the first safe vaccine against smallpox, the most deadly disease of his time.

Ana Maria Rodriguez's Science 4 Kids Blog

My first blog!

May 2, 2010

I am starting my blog today. I want to have another venue to communicate my activities as a writer to all of you interested in science and nature, on how to engage students, and in what it's like to be an author. I write about nonfiction mostly, for now, and it brings me deep satisfaction to research and write about the wonders of nature, the accomplishments of the scientific community, the lessons of history, and the delights of different cultures. I also enjoy very much talking about those subjects to all audiences, especially at schools where I share with children the wow! effect of my topics. Welcome to my blog!
On May 1st I enjoyed a full day of sharing writing- and publishing-related experiences with a talented group of authors of a variety of genres. "Read-it-Again-&-Again" bookstore in Houston, Texas
(click on my photo on the rightt to see the details) organized its 1st Annual Author's Luncheon on May 1st. I shared writing and publishing experiences with Sarah Cortez (poet-cop (you read it correctly, she is a police-woman who writes poetry, among other things), editor, teacher and public speaker), Diane Manning (author and Jewish Herald Voice columnist), Pauline B. Jones (award-winning author of eight novels of action-adventure, romantic suspense, and comedy-mystery), Alexis Glynn Latner (author of science fiction/fantasy (we had a good time discussing these terminology) and teaches creative writing at Rice University's Continuing Studies), Ellen Leventhal (teacher and author of a very funny picture book, "Don't Eat the Bluebonnets", which found its way into publication after wining a writing competition (co-auhtored with Ellen Rothberg); and Gail Greenberg, one of my fellow members at SCBWI-Houston, who is a visually-impaired author who has a book published and is very active attending meetings like this one. We can all learn a lesson of perseverance from Gail.
I spoke about how I became a writer after 20 years of being a lab-scientist. I also talked about my Animal Secrets Revealed! series with Enslow Publishers. We enjoyed lunch together, courtesy of Grace Galloway, owner of "Read-it-Again-&-Again" (loved Pete's Fajitas, Grace!). During lunch Larry D. Thompson,(a litigation attorney who writes legal thrillers) joined us and told us his story of how his legal thriller found its way to publication. He's another example of perseverance and how unforeseen circumstances, apparetnly unconnected, can lead authors to see their work in print. And many thanks to my friend and budding writer Mary Labbe who attended the meeting and took the pictures. Thank you, Buddy! So take this home, "look for progress, not for perfection and never give up!" Happy reading!
May 8, 2010 7:49 PM CDT Edit
I very much enjoyed meeting you, Anna Marie! It was a fun day and Grace is awesome!
- Pauline Baird Jones
May 10, 2010 4:09 PM CDT Edit
I'm very proud to have such a wonderful, talented friend in you, Ana! Thanks for including me on Saturday at the luncheon. It was great to meet new, wonderful friends who share the same interest.
- Mary