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Science, Nature, Intermediate school readers
They live in the most extreme places on earth. How do they survive?
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An inspirational memoir of the highest ranking woman in the martial art of Kuk Sool Won. (teens and up)
Science, Intermediate school readers
Pinguins puke (their chicks love it!), chameleons have a super tongue, alligators have good "feelings," a master of disguise, and how to catch a rainbow! Five fascinating animal secrets and how scientists uncovered them.
What is the secret of the sleepless whales?Join the scientists and their animal partners in a amazing adventure that will reveal the secrets of these amazing aquatic mammals! Find out... (middle-school and up)
It doesn't look cool and it doesn't feel pleasant, but it rules everything you do. The brain is the most intriguing and still mysterious organ in the body. Follow fellow classmate Mark through a regular day and see how his brain makes it possible for him to learn, feel pain, get stressed, and have fun. (middle school and up)
The fascinating life of the 19th Century British doctor who discovered the first safe vaccine against smallpox, the most deadly disease of his time.

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Visiting Kyle Elementary, Kyle, Texas

January 26, 2010

January 26, 2010

Ms. Pam Lombardo, the librarian at Kyle Elementary, took me to the gym. A recently renovated gym which was the right size for my audience. Ms. Lombardo had arranged for all the students in her school to attend my talks. Yes, all of them! They all came in several large groups according to their grades and I was able to present three different talks matched to their ages and to what they were studying at the moment. We had a book signing and the students and the teachers were so interested and attentive that I felt deeply rewarded. Thank you, Kyle Elementary!

May 18, 2010 11:07 AM CDT Edit
We loved having Mrs. Rodriguez at our campus! She found out that Kyle Elementary School is also the Environmental Studies Center campus and we have lots of animals everywhere, including goats, a pig, ducks, pigeons, as well as many others, so Mrs. Rodriguez felt right at home! Our students LOVED her books and asked many wonderful questions. Mrs. Rodriguez is welcome to return to our school anytime!
- Pam Lombardo, Kyle Elementary School Librarian