Selected Works

Science, Nature, Intermediate school readers
They live in the most extreme places on earth. How do they survive?
Memoirs and Biographies
An inspirational memoir of the highest ranking woman in the martial art of Kuk Sool Won. (teens and up)
Science, Medicine, Health
Learn the possible causes of autism and Asperger Syndrome, new treatments and diagnostic tools, and more in this insightful overview. (teens and up)
Science, Intermediate school readers
Pinguins puke (their chicks love it!), chameleons have a super tongue, alligators have good "feelings," a master of disguise, and how to catch a rainbow! Five fascinating animal secrets and how scientists uncovered them.
What is the secret of the sleepless whales?Join the scientists and their animal partners in a amazing adventure that will reveal the secrets of these amazing aquatic mammals! Find out... (middle-school and up)
It doesn't look cool and it doesn't feel pleasant, but it rules everything you do. The brain is the most intriguing and still mysterious organ in the body. Follow fellow classmate Mark through a regular day and see how his brain makes it possible for him to learn, feel pain, get stressed, and have fun. (middle school and up)
The fascinating life of the 19th Century British doctor who discovered the first safe vaccine against smallpox, the most deadly disease of his time.
Periodicals: Nonfiction
The story of how 19th century Spanish orphans carried a life-saving vaccine in their bodies to America.

Ana Maria Rodriguez's Science 4 Kids newsletter

Visiting Lake Olympia Middle School, Houston, Texas.

October 3, 2009

October, 2009

Ms. Kathleen Loper, the librarian at Lake Olympia Middle School has a large, well-provided library and her students visit it often. That I could see even though I just spent one day at the school. Ms. Loper is also dedicated to make sure the library complements the student's curricula, so I gladly prepared a presentation about how I do research: what data bases I use, what other resources are available, and how to approach any piece of writing with careful planning first. Thank you Ms. Loper, her assistant, students, and teachers for a wondereful visit!

May 10, 2010 11:44 AM CDT Edit
Dr. Rodriguez's visit was as much fun as it was informative. She explained the writing process for nonfiction in detail, giving the students a clear picture of the work involved in such writing. It was a fabulous experience!
- Kathy Loper, Lake Olympia Middle School Librarian